Myyfeed Launches new product
Myyfeed launches its new product the Myyfeed Multi Feeding System.
This new product is compatible to be used along side all bottle brands and has multiple usages:
1, Stores & Mixes hot water & formula
2, Stores and keeps breastmilk warm
3, Stores and keeps food jars/baby food warm
US Design patent granted
Myyfeed receives its US Design patent for its product the Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer
Myyfeed launches in Slovakia & CZ 
Myyfeed partners with Slovakian Distributor  Like Group for distribution & marketing the Myyfeed brand and products in Slovakia & CZ.
Myyfeed launches in Australia                                                                     
Myyfeed officially launched at the Sydney Baby Show in Australia attracting hundreds of customers, the launch was successful and the Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer proved to be a hit with Australian parents.

We are now rolling out a promotional offer with Costco and hope to be available in stores very soon.
Myyfeed on BBC Radio 2                                                                        
Ash Reza features on Simon Mayo's Innovation Slot on Radio 2 - Friday, 5 Sept 2014

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Myyfeed reviewed by BabyWorld                                                                   
Myyfeed reviewed by BabyWorld and receives a 4 star rating out of 5 by an independent panel of mums.

With parents saying: 

"I just wish i'd of known about this sooner"
"This is an absolutely fantastic idea for a product"
"This is such a clever wee product that is helping do two jobs at once"

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Myyfeed wins approval all around                                                          
Myyfeed is going from one success to another with recognition from retailers through to Richard Branson and the BBC

According to one major retailer, the Myyfeed baby formula mixer is “the best product of this type” they have seen. 

Richard Branson was more effusive “Bloody hell, this is brilliant” and ordered six. Myyfeed went on to win BBC3’s “Be Your Own Boss” award in 2012 for inventor Ash Reza and just missed out of this year’s Rattles to Riches finals.
Myyfeed featured in BBC THREE Be Your Own Boss                                       
Ash Reza is 25 years old and from the University town of Loughborough. His background is in construction and he graduated 3 years ago from Nottingham Trent University with a BSc Hons in Quantity Surveying.

From a young age, he was always good at managing his finances and graduated from University without a single penny in debt; this allowed Ash to save up once he was in full time employment and self fund his new and novel baby product which he invented: the Myyfeed.
Myyfeed Interviewed by The Young Directors                                             
The Myyfeed idea was essentially born out of solving a problem, there was an issue to be addressed and needed to be fulfilled. My sister was basically narrating to me an incident she had whilst she was in the car, she was trying to feed my nephew and as she was not stationary and in a moving car she spilt the hot water and powder all over herself and it was a very stressful experience. So I thought to myself why is she having such problems, is their not a product on the market which addresses this issue? so I searched on google and found nothing which really solved feeding on the go more easier and simple. From this I started sketching up ideas on how I can design a product which makes feeding more simple and easy. Whilst I was in the design phase I searched on patents and prior art to ensure my system which I designed was not in anyway similar to any of the granted patents. It is a difficult procedure to navigate your way round patents but it is essential that you design a product which is patentable if you really want to commercialise on your idea.
Myyfeed Featured in British Design Innovation                                                
Working with BDI member 3form Design has proved very worthwhile for Ash Reza, a potential entrepreneur on the BBC Three’s Be Your Own Boss programme. He won the 2nd highest amount awarded on the show to progress his innovative Myyfeed® feeding bottle to market.

Be Your Own Boss is spread over five episodes where three entrepreneurs are chosen each week and given a small amount of seed capital to go away and prove themselves.
Ash Reza Founder of Myyfeed featured in Leicester Mercury                              
An entrepreneur has won a £65,000 investment in his idea to revolutionise bottle time for babies after a star turn on TV's latest reality business show.

Ash Reza, from Loughborough, emerged triumphant from episode four of BBC Three's Be Your Own Boss.
Ash Reza Interviewed by As Seen On the TV                                                 
Episode 4 of BBC3′s Be Your Own Boss featured the innovative Myyfeed Baby Feed bottle designed by Ash Reza. He came up with the idea after his sister explained the frustrations of feeding a young child whilst on the move and having to take containers for milk formula, hot water and a feeding bottle. Ash designed a bottle that ingenuously integrates all 3 containers in to one bottle therefore simplifying the feeding process. His idea was spotted at the Be Your Own Boss expo in London by Richard Reed who seed funded initial developments. Ash also received a boost during the programme with some positive feedback from Richard Branson. Ash eventually won investment of £65,000 from Reed who was impressed not only with the Myyfeed but with Ash’s determination and hard-work.
Benefits of taking your product to professionals                                               
The BBC’s latest entrepreneur vehicle, Be Your Own Boss, has exited the stuffy Dragon’s Den and is following potential moneymakers on their path to develop their ideas and win financial backing from Richard Reed of Innocent Smoothies fame.

The best part for us was seeing a product design firm getting involved at an early stage - in this case 3form Design - assisting a lone entrepreneur with their good idea and making it into a feasible, manufacturable product.

The great idea came from Ash Reza with the Myyfeed: a baby bottle that can keep separate and then instantly mix formulated baby milk and boiled water in a sterile bottle to be used also as the feeding device.